Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some Things

So, I have been here for a week and a half and I have written but twice.
I suck at this anymore.
Remember, many years ago when not a week would go by without me writing something.

In my own defense, the internet has been quite shoddy at the hotel.

And so has the power for that matter.
The electricity went out 7 times last night.
No, there was no storm or inclement weather to cause fluctuations in the power. There were no accidents, no buses running into power lines.
Just business as usual in India.

This place is so weird. It's first world in so many ways but has bits of 2nd and 3rd world hiding just out of sight.

Rolling power fluctuations are experienced every day nearly everywhere. No one even seems to notice when the power flickers out in a restaurant or store. (Typically there are many windows, so plenty of natural light)

Imagine you are walking down the street in a commercial area with traffic and people and shops and shiny buildings filled with technological wonders.
The air is filled with the spicy smell of curry and the thick stench of exhaust fumes.
People are dressed in modern business suits or traditional, brightly colored, sarries or an interesting combination of the two.
Look to your right, there is a black and white cow near that telephone pole, blocking, and pooping on the sidewalk.

For every modern coffee shop there is a rickety wagon on the side of the road selling bit of fruit cut with a blackened knife older than me.
For every high rising mall there are hundreds of little booths along the side of the road selling trinkets and bracelets and whatnot.

Its a weird place.

As I am writing this, I am sitting in a little coffee shop attempting to avoid the rain.
Oh the rain. It is absolutely pouring outside.
Cats and Dogs, I tell you.
The rain comes damn near everyday, typically at the same time each day, and lasts about 3 hours.
And somehow, everyday it catches me by surprise.

I should, by now, plan for it. Maybe carry an umbrella or at least plan on being somewhere off the streets around at around 4 in the afternoon.
Maybe even make sure to have a something a little waterproof for my laptop.
But no.
Everyday the rain catches me.
Everyday I get very wet.

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