Thursday, December 27, 2007

Who me?

Still not dead.
Still in Korea.

Still employed.

In fact, something crazy happened. I got a promotion.
For all my hard work I was given as a reward, more hard work.

Why is that always the case? Why can’t one be rewarded with a cake or a three-day weekend or even a puppy? Why is it always a load of more work and responsibility.

But, on the upside, I got a promotion.
Don’t laugh, but I am in charge of the cooking department.

Not only do they trust me in a kitchen with pointy knifes and hot stoves but they put my in charge of making those stoves stay hot and the knifes stay pointy.

Working toward this little step up has taken much of my time lately. So much so that I have barely had a free moment to do things like sleep, clean, or tell you about the interesting events of my recent past.

Like the fact that my mother and sister are wandering somewhere around Korea even as I type. They came over for the holidays and have been spending time touring and sightseeing while I slave away at work.

Family is evil.

Or the fact that the three of us wandered down to the southern tip of Korea, Busan, for a bit of a vacation. The weather was warmer, the beaches were pretty, and the fish were everywhere.

I am currently on a train back from that area. My sister and mother are next to me playing rummy. Mom is winning, I can see her cards.

In Busan I saw many interesting things, most of which are far more interesting with visual aids.
Which I have, in the form of pictures, that will be put up shortly.
I promise.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Still kickin

I am not dead.
I have not been captured and held hostage by the North Koreans.
I have not run away to Fiji to live on a beach and sip Pina Coladas. (Damnit)

I have simply been suffering from a technological withdraw of sorts.

I once lived in a place far way from the world of technology. In the middle of nowhere.
Without a bit of pavement in sight.

Cell phone service near non-existent.

There was not a Best Buy for 500 miles.

However, I had a computer with wireless internet at my finger tips nearly every second of the day.
At work there was a computer everywhere I turned.
At home I could surf the net on the toilet.

Now I am in a place that has more internet connections than anywhere else in the world.
If you carry a PSP or come sort of video game device, you are one of the cool kids.

Cell phones can pick up television signals.

We use power point presentations in every class.

Yet, I am rarely in a place where I can use the internet. Where I can type stories to you.

Right now in my purse there are several stories I wrote about the things I have seen and done in this place. Chock full of alliteration and strange analogies.

In my purse. Already written.
Not here.

If you had my purse you would know that I have been keeping my promise to write twice a week.
You would also know that I read far too much, always carry a handful of almonds, and have more pens than you can count on three fingers.

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