Saturday, January 31, 2009

My home away

This is where I stayed.

There was much in the way of beach views and 20 ft ceilings.

This little cabin was mine and mine alone.

My little garden

Sometimes things are weird

Read line 4.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thought you'd like to know

I am currently on my way to Bali.



You should be.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Maybe not... but it made me giggle

This is not a funny story. It's not even a mildly entertaining story. But the incident involved made me and one of my uppermost bosses giggle, so I figured I'd retell it.

We were on a field trip today. A field trip to the art village across the street from my place of employment. We were walking outside, around the various buildings, trees, sculptures, and streams.

Off to the right of our procession of students was one such stream. Standing in the midst of the slow moving water was a man in thigh high rubber boots and a fishing hat. He had a small net, a few buckets, and what looked like a ladle. He was cleaning bits of trash out of the would-be pristine environment.

The kids were a bit excitable and began shouting hello to the older gentleman as he ladled through the murky water.

The young student directly to my left shouted something in a sing-song-y Korean.
Now, this being an English emersion program and the fact that the director of my school was not 3 feet in front of me, I glanced at the student and muttered our mantra, “English Only...”

She looked up, and in one of the creepiest little kid voices I have ever heard, repeated her previous comment in English.

“Don't drink the waaater...”

Monday, January 12, 2009


Today I had a meeting.

Today I had THE meeting.

I was in the big building with the administration all clad in suits and ties

I walked in with my ripped jeans and an old leather jacket ready for THE meeting.

I sat, we chatted, we mulled over the more serious of matters and chuckled over the lighter ones.

When I left the building there was a weight off my shoulders. I am officially not re-newing my contract. I am moving back to the states. To the lower 48. To the “Real World.”

It’s has been a long and difficult process to figure out what to do. Should I stay or should I go?
Should I continue on in a world so far away?
Should I move back to a place of gas prices and jobs where you actually have to work?

Today was THE meeting.

My boss looked surprisingly sad too see me not sign on the line and encouraged me to come back again someday. He also asked if I had any friends back home who would want to take my place here.

We discussed plane tickets. I should have a one way ticket in the next week or so.
We talked about my last paycheck and the housing deposit.
We talked about Visa’s and passports.

I am going home. Or at least to my home country. At least for awhile.
Only 45 more days…

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