Friday, March 06, 2009

Aged to perfection

Today I was walking through the airport.
Headphones on, listening to old episodes of Dragnet from the 1940’s.
Minding my own general business, when something strange occurred.

A man looked my way and gave me a smile. A kind of flirty smile.
It took me aback. This man was in his mid thirties/early forties. Way too old to be shooting me a smile.
I automatically thought, “Dude he’s like 1000 times my age!”

Then I realized something. He was not 1000 times my age. He was not twice my age.
He was relatively close to my age.

How did I get old? When did age appropriate men start to include those in their 30’s? What the hell!

I just got up to date on your blog. I read one where you were reading on the plane. Suggestion: "Atlas Shrugged" by A. Rand. That will be helpful on your return. It's sales in 2008 were 3x any other year since it was first published. The 1st three months of 09 beat last year. Listen to Glen Beck when you get back. Obama Socialism is on it's way. Welcome back....... Comrade. UM
Glad you're back in the states!!! Hopefully you will be able to make it down to Louisville to see myself and Brent.
hahaha poor jody. pretty soon you'll start carrying around viagra in ur purse for all those "old" men
I Second the Glenn Beck listening. Get caught up in the right way.
Hahahaha! You are old like me!
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