Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Weak Substitution

As it turns out, that computer crash was a wee bit more serious than I had previously thought. The shiny new computer ended up with the type of crash that results in a trip to the Apple store. Not the simple trip with a small hardware fix. No, it is more on the lines of a 20% chance that I will actually be able to fix the problem without completely replacing the entire unit. That and the fact I will not see an Apple store until shortly after landing in the US of A, means a long wait for pictures.

I love technology.

But, as I recover the past potential posts and pictures I will respond to a comment left by one of the best teachers I know. She is also great at the coaching of sports of all kinds.

So, the books I read…

1. It all started with the new-ish Grisham, The Innocent Man. Not his best work, but useful for a long flight. Just interesting enough to make it through without falling asleep, but not quite enough to keep me from missing a round or two of the flight attendants and their wonderful drink carts.

2. Next came the atrocious A Tale of Two Cities. As it turns it is just as bad in adulthood as it was when I was in 7th grade. It has a great story line but that Charely Dickens is screwed up writer. I can honestly say that I have read that damned book and, this time it was not in the Cliff Notes edition.

3. Now came what I like to call fluff. Fluff is great for vacation. It means mindless fun. Jeffrey Deaver’s The Vanishing Man. Not terrible. A great form of mindlessness. Decent book.

4. Now my mind was found wanting of something less dreamy and more thought provoking. The Two Koreas. Great book, a little too heavy for the beach, but it held my interest at least ¾ of the time. Sun burning to that type of book is not recommended, though the book itself totally is.

5. Harry Potter One. No Comment.

6. Harry Potter Two. No Comment.

7. Keep with mindless and add Iris Johansen’s newest (in paperback). Quicksand. If you like mindless detective novels, you will love this one. It’s a whole lot of awesome.

8. Shit, there were a few more than the afore mentioned 7. Kathy Reichs, Devil Bones. She is a forensic anthropologist who writes about the more extreme possibilities in a job such as that. Nothing too realistic; more along the lines of CSI type crazy-ness. Great author though, one of my favorite for the fluff.

9. Stephen King’s Bag of Bones. I am nearly through with this one. Nearly. It is not bad. It is not good. I haven’t figured out what it is yet. Give me time, just give me time.

So those are the books I read over vacation. When I mentioned the 7 books read, I knew I was estimating, but I kind of though I was rounding up. As it turns I missed the mark by a few. (Though Harry Potter Should only count as a half…)

Hopefully before this week is out I will have Paint type replacements for the picture victims of the computer crash of 2009.

Moral of that story is… back your shit up. Back it up now.

beep, beep.... I'm backing it up! I hope things work out with the computer!

You're very sweet for the shout out. Can I say, "wow! Thanks Jody!" (I surely hope that was me you were talking about. :-)
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