Sunday, February 01, 2009

Oh No!

I just made it home from a wonderful amazing relaxing vacation.

My flights were long, but they allowed me to finish my 7th book of the week. Which, frankly, is awesome.

I have a series of pictures and several mildly humorous stories about the trip, however, there became a problem.

On the plane back to Korea my computer crashed. My shiny fun computer, the one I just bought a few months ago. The one that I had just downloaded all my trip pictures onto. The one with all the stuff I had written on the trip and several things from the past few months.

Without back-ups.

There is hope, I don't have a lot of it, but there is some. I just have to wait for apple office hours and hope there is a quick and easy fix. Keep your fingers crossed.

I will attempt to re-write those stories and maybe use some sort of paint program to re-make the pictures.

Good luck with the computer!

I want to know what those 7 books were!
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