Sunday, November 30, 2008


So an interesting thing happened to me a few weeks back.

On my campus there is an office, the Head teacher’s office.
At some point this week I walked into said office carrying a clipboard, as I often am known to do. Upon my arrival, the soon to be wife of our HT gave me an odd look.
“Hey have I missed something? Are the you the new Evening Leader?”

“Good God No!” I exclaimed.

Her soon to be hubby explained that the new position holder had not been announced yet and that I had not applied.

Her response was one of dismay, “Why not?”

“Well, the job requires actually working, where I have made a lifestyle out of avoiding such things” I answered quickly. I may already be the leader of the cooking department, but I have found many ways to avoid actually putting in an honest days’ work.

Suddenly there was a barrage of questions and queries from the both of them about why I have not applied. I was stunned. What do I do?

As I left the room I simply said, “Ok, fine, have it your way. But I swear, as God is my witness, I will not work at that job.”

A few days later I received the “good” news. I am now the Evening Leader.

That’s right, a promotion. When I thought my last few months here would be full of slacking and debating on when to step down from my current position, I was dead wrong.
They are really making me work.
A lot.

I will be designing a new curriculum for the upcoming holiday program, as well as streamlining the current programs.

I will not, however, be in the kitchen anymore. (Thank God)

The upshot is that I have my own desk in the leaders office and I will have computer time throughout the day to work on many projects, including this little old site.

So, for the next few months I will be found in an office, pouring over power points, obsessing over order forms, manhandling obsolete manipulatives, and sulking over a Korean operating system. (That’s right, the computer sitting on my wonderful desk has a Korean operating system. Even the “Start” button is in Korean)

Wish me luck in the gig. (I am defiantly going to need it!)

So does this promotion mean more money, or is it just an increase in workload?
Good luck!

Try not to put someone's stapler into a jell-o mold. ('The Office')
poor jody
Hey - The prices are down $700. I'm still looking & wishing!
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