Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Magic

Ah, Konglish.

It's that strange combination of Korean and English that produces a variety of new words the love and use.

Sometimes Konglish is made of simple words that are almost 100% recognizable in an English setting.
Like "Aircon" instead of "Air Conditioning."
Or "hand phone" instead of "cell phone."

Sometimes it takes a step further.
Like "Autobike" for "Motorcycle."
Or "Open car" instead of "convertible."

There are times it goes farther still.
Like "eye shopping" instead of "window shopping"
Or "stetson" for a "stapler."
Even "Rolling papers" for a special stationary for passing notes to your friends.

With all the fun and exciting Konglish out there it is difficult to pin down the best. But I have done it. I have found the absolute best Konglish word in the entire made-up dictionary.

"Magic Day"

Magic day, means, well, it means the time of the month when a women is… uh… least fun to be around.

Magic day.

Doesn't it have a great ring to it? In the West we come up with little pet names for this "special" time. Rarely are they pleasant or uplifting.

But Magic day is just that. It is innocuous enough for a man to say it without blushing and optimistic enough to almost make a girl feel better about the whole situation.

So next time you struggle to explain your condition, take a tip for this side of the world.
It's not "that time of the month."
"Aunt flo is not visiting."
"Ruby from Virginia is not making the rounds."

It's simply another Magic Day.

Hey Jody!

I found your blog from Carey's site. I'm a friend of a friend. Anyway, I thought this post was just adorable.

I'm living in Nepal now, and Nepalis are also really good at innovating their use of English..tho nothing quite as exciting as Magic Day.

Anyway, I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your post.

Have a good one!
LOL, oh that's funny. I'm going to start calling it a Magic Day.

We changed blog addresses - we're now at

The whole being free thing is a big plus :-) I love keeping up with you through your blog!
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