Monday, November 10, 2008

Driving this Daisy

Something happened this weekend. Something strange and unusual. Something that has not happened in a very long time.

Something that I have been waiting for, that I have been missing, that I have been pining for for a very long time.

I drove a car.

That's right, I drove a car. I drove an actual gas guzzling, people moving, vehicle.

A few of us wanted to hit up the grocery store, a task that requires a taxi or two. As we prepared from the arduous journey one of our car owning friends offered up their mode of transportation.
As it turns, however, there was only one person in our little group that had the skills to drive a stick shift.

One guess as to who that was.

I got to drive. I drove fast and I drove slow.
I drove up hill and down.
I turned both left and right.

I freaking drove.

Right now I can imagine that you are shrugging your shoulders with a "who cares" kind of look on your face. Your thinking, "driving, heck, I do that everyday."

But but but, I haven't. I haven't driven a real true car in over a year.
I mean, sure, I have my bike. But there is defiantly a difference between riding a crouch rocket and driving something with doors.
Cars keep you a bit warmer.
Cars have a trunk.
Cars have much more comfortable seats.

Plus, you don't end up with helmet hair.

I can sympathize with the newness of driving a car after relying on walking or a "snow-go". A year though! Wow!

I've been wondering how you're doing. Is there anything I can send you from the states? (provided *I* can get it...:-)

~ Carey
ha!! isn't it great that we actually know how to a manual?? becuz then we are the lucky ones in situations like this. unless of course, you're drunk. then it sucks. LOL
there was supposed to be the word "drive" in that first sentence.apparently it got lost somewhere. so i found it and brought it back.
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