Monday, October 27, 2008

Here is another one

Yet another music video was filmed almost entirely on campus. This one almost drove the kiddies crazy.
The night scene at the end of the video was filmed just as we had to walk our students past that very clock tower.
But, they refused to pause their shooting for the 5 minutes that it takes to walk 400 kids past that special little corner.

Imagine, if you will, keeping 400 13 year olds silent and in a strait line while passing a fairly famous singer filming their brand new video.

If you think it was a simple task, you are missing a thing or two upstairs.

Kim Jong Kook - Today More Than Yesterday MV

I wish I could watch YouTube! The district has it blocked. Boo!

Sorry the Internet kept jetting in & out while we were chatting.

How's the desk job going? We all know that writing is a tremendous gift of yours. I kind of like hearing that it's part of your job now. :-)

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