Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anything for story

So I buddy of mine is being deported.
She didn’t do anything terrible.

She didn’t steal.
She didn’t kill.
She didn’t sell sensitive secrets to the North Koreans.

She simply went on vacation outside the country with an expired work visa. Upon arrival she found that the extension she had filed had been made null by that vacation and therefore she has to leave the country within the week.

She is one my closest friends here and I am torn up that she is leaving.

But at least she got a good story out of it.

“Remember that time I was deported from an Asian country…”

Wow. That blows! It is a good story though. :-) It amazes me how easily this could happen. I'm sure if she had known, the vacation would have waited. Where did you move to? ~Carey
I can't believe someone working in a foriegn country on a work visa would not keep it up to date. UM
The worst part was that she had called the America Embassy about her vacation. They told her it was no problem and that she should have a great vacation.

Someone had bad information.
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