Friday, September 19, 2008

I got the right stuff, baby.

Today I was walking down a long hallway. At the end of the hallway was a mirror. It was a full floor to ceiling mirror. As I walked I did a wiggle. I did a little shake.
I made my booty roll.
All for the benefit of the mirror.

I make my own fun.

A door opens just ahead of me to the left and a man begins to walk towards me. Not really towards me, but towards in a passing trajectory.

I pass the man and he passes me. In the mirror I see him turn his head.
I see him turn his shoulders.
I see him nearly walk backwards for a step or two as he followed my ass with his eyes.

Then when he tore his eyes off my ass for a moment, he noticed his own reflection in the mirror. An interesting mix of surprise and embarrassment crossed his face just before he whipped his head around and continued down the path.

I may not be a tiny Korean, but I still got a little something.

"shake that ass for me"
lol go girl! good to know that ass of yours can still get attention even in other countries. LOL
Yes, it is amazing! Your blonde hair. They don't see much of that.
As for the other; it's not appropriate for me to comment, but do come home for a while. LOL UM
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