Monday, September 15, 2008


I can’t believe I have been in this country for over a year. I am at the point now that things are starting to repeat themselves. I have done some things more than once. I have seen things repeatedly.

Holidays are coming up that I have seen before.

I am currently writing from the beautiful city of Busan, on the southern tip of South Korea celebrating the Korean version of Thanksgiving.

Sometimes in my day to day life I forget how truly strange this country is. It truly is a foreign land. They do many things that are not entirely normal.

Remember this time last year when I did the Dr. Fish thing? The little fishes that swim around in a tank.
Little fishes that are shiny and wiggly.

Little fishes that eat away at the dead skin on your toes and heels.

I had the “pleasure” of trying it out again. This time I attempted to be a man about it all.
Instead of sticking a single finger in the water and freaking out as soon as the fish touched me, I slipped both feet below the surface and gritted my teeth as they started munching.
It is the oddest, most uncomfortable, completely strange feeling imaginable.
It tickles.
It tickles a lot.

It took every ounce of willpower to keep my feet under,
It took effort and much clenching of my butt cheeks to stop me from jerking.

I failed more often than not.

For fifteen minutes I gritted and squirmed.

My feet are nice and smooth now. The joy of fishy pedicures.

What else will vacation hold for me…

I SO want to try that!
um ewwww.... but i am very impressed little miss i hate all animals.
i think i'm gonna buy another parrot and name it jody. just for you!!
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