Monday, July 14, 2008

Where am I now?

I have gone on vacation again. Currently I am at an internet cafe in Penang, Malaysia. I just arrived at this island today, having ridden a bus her from Kuala Lumpur this morning.
Having spent the night there after flying in that morning.
Having spent a 12 hour lay-over in Taipie.

Needless to say, though I'll say in anyway, it has been a travel intensive few days.

But travel is not all that I have done. (Well it is, but the travel has made it possible to do many travel related things.)

I have been in three countries in so many days.
I have written many things of a various nature on my laptop. (And having done so have not been near wireless internet yet.)
I have not taken any pictures.
I have spoken with many random and assorted people. Who have given me much in the way of random and assorted advice on my travels.
I have eaten more Indian and Malaysian food than I can count. (Which means I reek of garlic and curry.)
I have seen an inner city so jam packed with people, with cultures, with colors, with cars, that I have gotten the distinct feeling that I am truely in another country. (I'll explain that at a later date.)

Plus I have had a beer on the beach. (Which I intend to repeat shortly.)

I promise pictures (hopefully I will find wireless and will be able to post them properly.)

Hope you are all having fun at work.
Because I am on vacation!

Can I just tell you that I still sit in awe and think about you and your adventures and it makes me smile. Thanks for updating and making my boring Ohio life a little more interesting!
Screw settling down.
I simply don't believe in it.
Malasya! Holy shit, girl, you get around. Now the post that I read before, which you posted after this, makes a bit more sense (about the diversity).

Photos, photos, photos....
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