Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The summer is here for sure.

It is fairly hot here and terribly humid.

There are the random unexpected suntans and burns in strange places.
There are the sweat drenched walks to and from work.
There is foreign pollen in the air causing my nose to explode in a cacophony of noise and dripping snot.
Good shit, really.
Good times.

Nothing like sniffeling and snorting during cooking class.
Nothing like the joy of sneezing with your hands covered with flour.

Needless to say that after one such class I have had to take the back seat to all cooking like endeavors for the past day or two.

The joy of inventory instead of teaching.
The joy of disipline instead of instruction.
The joy of hitting the bloody power point buttons instead of being a real and tangible member of the classroom.

Damn nose.
Stupid pollen.
Freaking empty bottle of antihistamines.

I feel like there is a waterfall in my nasal cavity.

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