Sunday, June 15, 2008

My bike!

Here is a pretty picture of my bike.
It's shiny and happy and almost fast.

I have been spending a lot of time tooling around rice patties, seeing the sights, attempting to find a way into North Korea.

For the past few years I have really missed having my own form of transportation. I have lived in places where there were either no roads (Alaska) or a place so far away I just couldn't get my car to go (Korea).
My car is somewhere in Florida.
Far too far from here.

Now I have the freedom I have been missing for so long.
I call her Bosco.
Bosco the Bike

You are officially one hot biker babe. Now where is the picture of you on the bike wearing tight jeans and a bandana with a t-shirt that says... "The bitch fell of"?
I meant off, maybe I need to come to Korea and learn some darn grammar.
Bosco is hot! I guess you've been riding him hard, so he'll be faithful. ;-)
OOOO! I am so jealous! I covet me some Bosco!
hell if you wanna ride around in some rice patties, you should have just gone to arkansas. rice patties and dead armadillos all over the place. and you could have taken your car!!
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