Thursday, May 01, 2008

Kickin it

Oooh, here is something else to entertain you.

At the village there are many talented people. They have talents in all types of areas.
We have lawyers.
We have artists.
We have singers and dancers.

We even have a damn good knitter. (Freaking knitter)

A few of these crazy kids banded together to make a music video of thier very own.
The video debuted a few weeks ago and since then it has taken the internet by storm. The Boyz have gigs lined up in Soeul in upcoming weeks.

The song, "Kickin It in Geumchon" is about the nearest town. It is not nearly as cool as the song makes it seem.

So please, follow the link to see the boy band craze that is sweeping South Korea.

Kickin it in Geumchon

booooooooo! I'll be glad when I don't have to deal with firewalls!

P.S. I've put up some recent photos & posts on my blog.
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