Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hogs and Pies

The following is a story I should have told long ago.
A story I avoided telling for the sake of my mother. I would not want her to have a heart attack on account of me.

So I put off this story, waiting till the learning curve had subsided.
Waiting to be in the comfort zone.
Now I feel confident that I all the learning type incidents are far in the past.

Now I can tell you my news.

I am now the proud owner of a motorcycle.

I have been riding quite a bit lately. Never very far, never very fast (motorcycles can be dangerous, you know).
But riding none-the-less.

I go up to the store every few days to pick up fresh veggies.
I wander the back streets seeing the sites.
I make Kimbop runs during lunch.

I throw on my leather jacket, a backpack, and, of course, my silver bowl shaped helmet that is ever so helpful in making me look cool, and hit the open road.

I get stares.
I get honks.
I get children laughing and pointing.

Seeing a blonde, as I have mentioned before, is a rarity in this country.
Seeing a woman on a bike is a rarity in this country.
Seeing a blonde woman on a bike is a flat out once in a lifetime occurrence.

So I get craning necks.

At least I know that the cars on the road know I’m there. At least they are paying attention to the bitch on a bike.

With my new found freedom I have learned something interesting about the area in which I have lived for the past 8 months.
It’s rather pretty in these parts.

Every time I have been out and about I have seen some new bit of countryside. Some new rice patty. A lake with the sun glinting off in crazy patterns.
Cow pies littering the road.

Cow pies clinging to my bike wheels.
Cow pies splattering on my jeans.

Frickin cow pies.

That's a lovely ending to a bitter story, Jody. hehehe... That's awesome you bought a bike. Is it a bike or like a scooter? Or a moped? :-9 What freedom! Have you read 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance?' It was my ex-fiance's favorite book. Hooo rrraaa - you're making legends over there!
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