Thursday, April 03, 2008

No Burn Cream Needed... Yet.

I can cook!
After over six months working in the cooking department I have actually learned a thing or two about cooking.
I can make a quick Quesadilla.
My Scones are scrumptious.
I have perfected poutine. (Some strange Canadian dish made with French fries, Cheese, and homemade gravy.)
My nachos are neat-o.

Then there is the matter of my macaroons.

My recipe repertoire is small but growing steadily. Plus, since I cook the same damn thing several times a day there has been plenty of time for adjustments, accents, and advancements to each tasty treat.

On a side note, I am not sure how much more this alliterative anecdote-ing I can stand without breaking something.

We are currently making scones with crepes coming very soon.
There is a possibility of Mac and cheese, cinnamon rolls, potato pancakes, and pizza in by mid summer.

Let the good times cook.

I really don't believe you can cook. That is impossible. However, if you ever come back to Ohio, I want you to make the weird cheese fries, those sound delicious!!!!!
i want to know how to make the scones mom
Hey Jody!
I think I can speak for the general population in saying that we want you to make a new post. You must be busy or your computer on the outs...

I've been updating my blog lately.

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