Wednesday, March 05, 2008

For the love of the Game

Euchre* is a great game.

Last night I planned a Euchre tourney on campus.
We had 16 people playing in a heated battle of cards.

Obscenities were yelled with all the venom necessary to express a missed trick.
Or a misplaced Bauer.
Or that moment when the tides turn and the losing team takes back the game.

No doubt that emotions were running high. Friendships might have been ripped asunder, at least for an hour or two.

I held in. My partner and I were kicking ass through the first two rounds. Dominating the opposition.
Leaving them crying in their beer.

We made it to the finals. The pressure of every dollar bet (1 buck each) was resting heavy on our shoulders.
The game was tight. Points staying tied. Both teams inching their way to the 10 mark.

Then, something that will haunt me for the rest of my life, or at least another 5 minutes, occurred. We were all dealt a shitty hand.
Both teams, with 8 points each, held the worst collection of cards imaginable.

No one choose a suit. We played Screw the Dealer. My partner had to choose a suit based on a hand of 9’s and 10’s.
Needless to say that last hand was a tight one.
Also, needless to say, we lost. The prospect of 16 dollars fluttered out the window right along with our pride.

It was a tragic night.

I will be planning another for next month. And next time, oh next time, it will be my time to take the glory.

*Euchre is a card game popular in the mid-west. Oddly enough, much of the rest of the world have never heard of it. But they will, oh yes, they will…

i hate Euchre. oh yes i really really do
sounds like a mis-deal
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