Thursday, February 21, 2008


This has been one hell of a week.
Full of fun.

And of course, by fun I mean suffering and sacrifice for the sake of development.

I have not taught all week. While others have teachered I have been sitting in the teacher workroom, working.

Sitting before my computer with any number of power point presentations open on my desktop.

Attempting to write lessons about the expression of ones opinion. And music.

Now I like music. Some music. Music that is decent.
Music that is not written by poppy premadonnas made famous by their dancing proficiency.

Between today and yesterday I have spent 5 hours staring at my computer screen with headphones stuck in my ears. Listening to terrible music. Watching atrocious music videos. Allowing my brain to slowly seep out my ears.

There is some really bad music out there.
Really bad.

Many times this week I found myself missing the old days. Back when music was good and lesson planning was not a full week activity.

Fear not, the whole week was not one of ouch-y pain. I spent time surfing the internet.
The entire thing I think.

I researched the possibility of grad school.
The conclusion was reached that I do indeed what to start on my masters. Soon. While I am here.
The problem resides in finding a school that will not charge several appendages and have their classes online.

I’ll find one if it takes me all afternoon. Or day.
Or possibly semester.

If you happen to know anything about this school thing please for the love of God tell me.

(By the way, I am looking for a masters in ESL. (ESL stands for English as a Second Language. This major also goes by several other names.)

Thanks for your assistance in advance.

Really? ESL? Like Ann was when you were here? Seriously? You want to be ESL?


hey you should ask smac where she got hers from. I think it was from around the Twin Cities though.
Hi, Jody. Sue Ellen here. I'm glad to see that you're using your chance to see that part of the world. A guy from Maysville has a business in Lexington that imports a lot of those Chinese fireworks, but I can't imagine being in the "firing" zone the way you were.
This may not be your type of music, but the New York Philharmonic made big news here by going to perform in Seoul and Pyongyang(?)in the last couple of weeks. They played Beethoven, among others, and wowed the Koreans with one of their folksongs. Did you hear about it?

I know someone who teaches ESL in China, but I don't know where you go for a degree. I'm sure the internet will tell you eventually. Take care!
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