Monday, February 11, 2008


This week has been a hectic one, full of interest and intrigue.
Airplanes and airports.
Temples and palaces.
Even a really big wall. One might even call that wall great.

China was a good time.
I stayed 3 days in Beijing and 3 more in Shanghai.
I saw the Forbidden City, which is much more inviting than I would have liked.
The Great Wall was freaking huge, curling around mountains and sneaking up cliffs.

Mongolians were attacking from the north. We defended China with our very lives.

Shanghai was beautiful. It was clean and shiny. Big buildings with interesting architecture.
And the shopping was amazing.
I have a new pair of Armani jeans (6 bucks)
A kick ass pocket watch (2 bucks)
A Prada bag (3 bucks)

Then there was the food.
Would actual Chinese food be as good as the yummy western version. Or would be all gross and foreign.
I am happy to report delicious-ness.
Chinese food in China is almost better than it’s American counterpart.

Hip hip!

All and all it was a good trip. Fun was had.

Hey! I haven't checked your blog in a month, and guess what? I didn't miss anything. Posting HAS become a problem. I read your excuses; ho hum. You live in the country of cheap electronics. Buy a little recorder and put little blurbs of interest in it through out the day and when you get back to the room; wala! Something to type. Seriously, I know you're working and galavanting around Asia, and having fun; but you spoiled us in Alaska. Someone once said;"if your life is worth living, it's worth recording". Enough guilt trip. We still love ya. Yesterday was a snow day in Cincy and today in a 2 hr delay at AHS, so I had time to raise hell with ya. ha lol UM
WoW! I want to see pictures. What did you go to China for?

I see a flaw in your posting excuses. You are always online on chat! What's your excuse there? :-O
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