Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Proctor this!

Guess what I am doing right now!

I am sitting in a quiet classroom filled with the short and young.
I am not dancing or cooking or painting or singing at the top of my lungs.

Today, I am not just a paid monkey hanging out by the white board.

I am actually proctoring a test.
A real test with real questions.
Write your name and class number at the top of the page.
Multiple choice, short answer.

Not only is it a real test but it is a test that I will get to grade. Like a real teacher.
With a red pen and everything.

It is the first time since last May that I have done something that rings of a real profession.

Today I am not a camp counselor.
Not a form of entertainment.
Not an all singing all dancing king of the kids.

Today, for one whole hour, I am a teacher again!

so when are you gonna send me a million yen so i can come and visit you? LOL
kristin wants to come too, so send 2 million
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