Sunday, November 04, 2007

Chip Chop

Chopsticks are a novelty in the States.
They are something you use, with a sense of frustration, after ordering Chinese food.
Something of a necessity with Sushi.

But here in Korea they are a fact of life. They are a daily item. A constant reminder that I am in a land far away.

Forks are not of this world.

When you are served soup (and I do love my soup) it is accompanied by a set of chopsticks.
Sometimes a spoon.
But that’s only if you’re lucky.

Sometimes you are served long slippery noodles and tiny pieces of sauce-covered bits. With only chopsticks to assist you in tasting the tastes.

Plus, the sticks they use in this country are not the friendly wooden type like those I have used in the past.
Instead they are shiny and metal. Thin and slightly rectangular.
Not rectangular enough to be useful, but just enough to be detrimental.

In my two months here I have become quite efficient at wielding these twiggy utensils. I am able to transfer most foods to my mouth with little to no thought.
Dinner no longer takes near as much concentration.

As proud as I have become by my new-found talents I am still put to shame every time I see my students, and other children scattered around campus, eat. I have seen children as young as 4 holding miniature chopsticks, eating slippery bits of peach, with no concern.
They giggle as they munch.
And laugh heartily as they watch me attempt the same feats.

They think it’s funny as hell.

How are you enjoying your new adventure?
Hey kid. Email me sometime. What the hell is going on with the not emailing? Well, sounds like you're very homesick. But having a good time. I miss you and can't wait to see you! Love you
The other Jodie
Hey!! I'll send you a folding soup spoon you can carry in your pocket. Of course, you could get one there. It was make in Korea. UM
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