Sunday, October 28, 2007

Puppies in peril

You know how I love to talk about puppies.
I bring them up in the most inappropriate of times, insert them into serious conversations, even compare life changing issues to a puppy tumbling down a flight of steps.
Or being attacked by a pack of rabid bunnies.

Off handed remarks about puppy kicking brings tears of joy to my world.*

Imagine my surprise when I was surfing several news sites, checking out the world in a different hemisphere, when I found an entire article about puppies.

Cute little puppies stuck in a drainpipe.
Rescued by police or something. (I wasn’t really focusing on the details.)

Was it a slow news day?
I like puppies as much as the next guy but how could an article about 3 freaking, albeit terribly adorable, puppies in a drainpipe make national news?

I miss the days when news was actually news worthy.
When hard hitting, impact-ful things made the front page.
When the rescue of puppies was a heart-warming story that never made it past the neighborhood gazette.

Unless of course Michael Vick was the one doing the rescue…

*I would never actually kick a puppy. If I puppy was kicked in my presence I would, without a doubt, respond by kicking the kicker in the face. Or somewhere south of the face, depending on the gender of said puppy kicker.

speaking of puppies, timmy had a seizure the other day. apparently my dog is now epileptic. isn't that just fucking great?
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