Monday, October 08, 2007

Oh Captain, My Captain

I live in a strange place.
As I have mentioned before, my school is like a day camp. Each week 400+ 8th grade students wander through our castle gates to learn all they can about conversational English.
And of course, see some crazy weagooks.

This week is different.
This week our students are not pre-teens. They are of an entirely different rank and file.

It is military week.

About 4 times a year the Korean military sends some of their best and brightest to our school.

The soldiers exchange barracks for dorm rooms.
Automatic weaponry for English books.
And push-ups for Dance Party.

They, in all their camo-ed glory, are now walking around campus and taking classes.
Today I teach 40 soldiers how to make pancakes.
Later this afternoon we will sing karaoke,

Last night I taught 25 uniformed men and women, 9 of which were part of the special forces, how to do the Chicken Dance.

Imagine the absurdity.

Luckily, they loved the Chicken Dance.
And the Macarana.
And the Bunny Hop.

400+ soldiers. All here, learning conversational English.
Learning how to ask the time.
Learning how to talk about the weather.
And of course, learning how to ask for another beer.

It is an interesting place.

Don’t tell the North Koreans.

hey there CAPTAIN,
you're spelling is still as magnificent as always...
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