Monday, October 15, 2007

I come in peace

I am now a card carrying alien.

Thats right, sitting on my desk is my very own ARC.

That's "Alien Registration Card" to you non-aliens.

It certifies that I am not, infact, Korean. A fact that is hotly debated in some circles.
It also certifies that I am legally allowed in this country to work, travel, and drink soju.

It does not, however, come with a flying saucer or a life raft*.

*I made two different "alien" jokes all squished together there. Only one was the least bit funny. Though I am not entirely sure which.

now when you say work, does that mean you can continue your prostitution business there as well? hahahahahaha!
i love me. and you love me too. even though you don't write to me.
Oh, an alien!! You have to register in a foriegn country?? In our country the left thinks no one south of the border should even have to slow down crossing our border. What would happen to you if you overstayed your visa, had 3 kids and smuggled your family into their country, collected welfare, sent your kids to school, and over-used the healthcare system??? UM
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