Friday, October 26, 2007


I have been quite remiss as of late in my duties of keeping you informed.
This is an odd world I have gotten myself into.

For the past two years I have lived in a state of virtual isolation. A fact I knew, but hadn’t really sunk in until I moved this small step closer to the real world.

I used to spend a lot of time at home. Sitting, typing, watching movies, etc. Living a life that is strangely suited to regular typing. Don’t get me wrong, I had a good time, and a great many adventures.

But I never thought about how much down time I really had.

Now I know.

But, I now vow to do better. My goal is to actually post at least twice a week, and I give you all permission to yell, scream, and send me nasty notes if I fail in this goal.
I will have deserved the worst you can do.

As a side note, I was attacked by a dozen small children this morning. They came at me, pencils drawn, thrusting notebooks into my face.
“What’s your name?” they screamed.
“What’s your favorite color?” they begged.
“Where are you from?” they stammered.

These small beings come as a school fieldtrip with the assignment of asking westerners a set of English questions and getting them to sign the answer in their notebooks.
It is a cute assignment when I have time to spare, when I am just wandering around campus without a real goal.

It is not, however, cute when I am running late for work.
When I am the only Weagook within eyesight.
When they block my only way out.

That was my situation this morning.

I thought abut dropping my shoulder and just pushing through the mess, but then realized that they all barely come up to my hip and that my shoulder would really not come into the equation.
Plus, I might step on one. And that might get me fired.

So I answered the questions.
I answered and answered and answered.

I escaped at the first sign of weakness, when they were collectively turning to the next page in their little books.

I ran as fast as I could while covering my face and hair with my coat.

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