Monday, September 24, 2007

Where am I now?

I had this plan.
It was a good plan.

I was going to write. It was a lengthy story, and is currently sitting half written on in a word document.
There are pictures and everything.

The problem is, that I am far far away from that word document.
And my computer.
And my little english village.

This week is Chesuk. It is basically the Korean Thanksgiving. Where they eat lots of food, visit their families, and most important of all have a few days off work.

With a week off of work I could not stay in my little corner of the world. Two South Africans, a guy from Tennesse, and myself hit the runway and touched down on Jeju island off the southern tip of South Korea.

There have, so far, been many things that are reportable*, but they all need the pictures I have taken to really make sense.

So you must once again wait for my stories.
And pictures.

And in the mean time you should think thoughts about me lounging on a beach.

* One of the stories includes and indoor amusment park with several kick-ass roller coasters. Another is about turning a family resturant into a dance club, keeping the place open several hours past closing, and singing "Living On a Prayer" with 6 Koreans who kept buying us more soju and beer.**

**I am never drinking again.***


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