Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Party on Garth

This weekend.

This weekend was a bit long and kinda crazy.

Plus, I drank.
A lot.
Of freaking Soju.


It all began Friday afternoon when I was invited out for Shabu Shabu.*
Some of my friends frequent the restaurant so often that instead of calling a taxi, they simply called the cook. He picked us up in his van.

By the time we finished dinner we had each had several shots of SoJu, several glasses of beer, and far too much food.
And we had been chastised by the other restaurant patrons for being too loud.

Saturday my group of blondes wandered out to Seoul for a little shopping.
I bought a new backpack, an umbrella, and some bright red nail polish.
I also had a homeless man poke my in the boob.
On the train back we sang and laughed.
And were chastised by the train riders for being too loud

The end of the night found me in a bar near campus where they serve a special kind of Soju lemonade.
Many of the bar patrons stared at the group of blondes in the corner. At one point we were hit on by a hand-full of Korean military men who barely spoke English.

Hours later, when we were paying our check and setting out for the night, a man came up to us, struggling with his words. He invited us to join his party.
A bachelor party.

They wanted the weagooks!

We partied down with the wedding party. The priest was in company.
We even ended up with a wedding invite.
Plus, we were chastised by other bar patrons for being too loud.

I think foreigners have a very different idea of what is loud than most of Korea.

*Shabu Shabu is a Korean meal that consists of three courses all of which are served in the same pot.
The first course comes as a pot filled with vegetables and a spicy broth boiling on a burner in the middle of your table. You are given a plate of thinly sliced raw beef to dip in the pot. Your beef cooks quickly and you eat it with the vegetables.
The second course has the same pot full of vegetables. This time they add raw noodles to be cooked and eaten like a soup.
For the third course they empty the pot and fill it with fried vegetable rice.
It is all served with quite a bit of beer and Soju.

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