Monday, August 06, 2007

Tic toc goes the clock

I got the job.

The one I wanted just outside of Seoul, South Korea in a town called Paju.

I signed a contract.

I will be teaching English and a smattering of Science to Korean children.

I am now playing the waiting game, again. Waiting for my work visa to be processed so I can get a plane ticket and soar away from here.

The clock is ticking. Counting down.
If all goes well and timely I should be starting my first day of work on the 20th of this month.

Now comes the shopping. What does one take to Korea? Two suitcases will hold everything necessary for the next year of my life. Which is a daunting task considering I am the type to over do and those pesky pack-ratting tendencies.
A part of me wants to say “to hell with this packing nonsense!” and leave with nothing more than an extra pair of skivvies and my laptop bag.

Of course, I know this to be a ridiculous idea. One that will not actually happen.
Not likely anyway.

I mean, that would be crazy, right? Leaving with nothing. Flying by the seat of my pants?
Flying away with no pants?

As time gets all ticky and my procrastination grows the idea of leaving everything behind becomes much more interesting. And practical.

Congrats on the job! Andrew's bro Steve and his wife Soah live in Seoul-- I mentioned your job to Steve and he said to look them up if you wanted any help getting oriented, etc. Let me know if you want their contact info :-)
Have I told you lately you are crazy? That happens to be what I love about you though so I guess that was a compliment.
Hey, pack light, everything is cheaper there. That is, if there is a store anywhere near you. I hope you didn't take my advice on the icebike in alaska. You are definitly going to need tires there. The temperature in Seoul today is 78 and cloudy. Congrats,have fun, and bye bye for now. Love ya xoxox UM
Congrats! On to a new adventure!
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