Wednesday, August 22, 2007


And so it begins.
My life abroad is fast becoming a reality.
Just a little more waiting left to do.

But, instead of waiting for the mysterious day when my visa information comes, I am now waiting for the weekend to come.

This weekend I will be leaving.
This weekend I will be packing up, heading out, and landing in a foreign land.
This weekend I will be starting my new employment as an English teacher in Korea.
This weekend my world once again changes.

Enough of the future. Let’s talk about the present.

To finish the processing of my work visa I had to drive the long haul to Atlanta, Georgia* to present my passport. The Embassy people then take two days to stamp a page, making it legal for me to work in Korea.

Until they are done with my passport, I am stuck wandering around Georgia.
Thursday at 10:00 am.

I know people in this part of the country. Unfortunately, they are not answering their phone.

Today I think I will see the sights that this city has to offer. Maybe check out downtown area.
The coke museum.

Maybe a movie or shopping.

I guess my adventure starts now…

*This drive taught me something. Georgia is the tacky-ist state I think I have ever seen. Long stretches of the interstate are littered with florescent signs advertising for any number of pecan farms and peach orchards.
Bright and shiny billboards.
Burning my eyes.

We are thinking of you all the time. K & A
Yesterday I had some students say that they miss you and that you were their favorite teacher :-)
AWWW! Tell them I miss them all too!

Who said it?
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