Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Here I go again...

Hello All!

There is much in the way of updating to do. I suffered from a sever lack of internet for my first few days here in South Korea and therefore could not tell you all about my long and arduous journey to the other side of the world.

But, on retrospect, the journey was really neither arduous nor particularly long, at least compared to some of the flights I have taken. Hell, I remember several trips to Alaska that took a few hours longer with more sticky layovers longer.

So, I am in Korea. South freaking Korea. Mere miles, like one or two, from the North Korean border.

You can actually see North Korea from parts of the campus.

The school is pretty interesting and innovative. It is something like a camp for students of different schools throughout the province. They come for a week as part of a school trip to use and improve their English skills. We teach them using a variety of different classes and subject matter.

I will be teaching cooking within the school of science.

Please, focus on the irony of me teaching cooking.
Me, teaching cooking to children.

Me, alone in a room with 15 Korean children, with weak English skills, a countless number of gas stoves, and pointy pointy knives.

Guesses on how many fingers I will lose this year?

This week I am doing a lot of shadowing and training. Learning all about this place, getting a feel for the rhythm, understanding the rhyme.
Meeting far too many people and forgetting most of their names within moments of the introduction.

There are many weird things about this place.
About this country.
In the coming days I will do my best to tell you all of them.

My next big adventure has officially begun!

cooking? cooking??!?! are you serious?! what the hell did you put on your resume?
please post some pictures of that asap.i can't wait to see them
Glilled Cheesa anyone????? UM
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