Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Nothing

I have done nothing.


Not a damned thing.

Nothing worth writing about. Nothing worth talking about. Nothing worth doing again.


And I kind of love it.

There is something about being jobless that is amazing. You can sleep as long as you like, stay awake until the sun comes up, and aimless contemplate what kind of force is required to pop an air mattress*.

I have made many attempts to think of something to write about, something interesting and exciting, or at least mildly humorous.
But, try as I might, I can’t seem to come up with a heart-warming story about the time I took a nap.
Or an adventure tale about my rubber band ball.
Or even a laughable piece regarding my incessant searching of the Internets.

I can feel that there is a road trip in my future.
My very near future.
Possibly today.

You never know, I might be on your couch tonight…

*I have a strong, well-researched, theory about this one but have not yet tested it. That big balloon is my only furniture, after all.

Nothing sounds good to me!! We're heading back to Barrow today...*sigh*
I am thinking with your pocket knife obsession, you may be closer to popping it than you think. I would imagine you doing something pornographic and popping it, but most likely it will be your pocket knife. Let's hope for the first...
Katie: I hope you had a good summer vacation! Good luck this year teaching regular classroom!

Nicole: I hope you don't mean that you could see me pornographicly weilding a knife. Cause even I, with my blade-y skills couldn't make that sexy.
Well... maybe with a pair of sin leather pants...
Hey's it going? Any news from South Korea yet? I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! Good luck! If you want to come and visit, now would be a good time. I am basically homebound due to my knee. I live in Westville...remember. Easy to find house right off route 1. Can't miss it....extra bed...mmmm...fluffy covers.
finished harry potter! it was awesome!! so did you like the part where....hee hee j/k!
so yeah, holla back at me g
love ya
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