Sunday, July 29, 2007

I listen to the voices

Every so often I get a burr up my ass.
This burr always has a different purpose. A different motive.
A different malevolent reason for being.

Like last week when I tried to give blood out of the blue.*
Like that time I decided to go to a Korean restaurant to figure out where spend the next year of my life.

This morning I got a burr up my ass.

This burr was shouting at the top of its’ little burr-like lungs that I had to do something crazy.
Something I might fully regret tomorrow.
But, like the burr following girl that I am, I did exactly what the little guy asked.

Shaking and nervous I drove slowly to Great Clips. I approached the building with a plan pounding in my ears. I would go in, find that there was a wait, put my name on the list, and then chicken out long before they ever have a chance to get those clippers within 5 feet of my hair.

This way, I would keep my hair and the burr would be sated for at least a little while.
Great plan, eh?

I entered the shop and before I even had the chance to say, “hello, I would like a haircut please” I was pulled kicking and screaming into a chair.
In the blink of my scared peepers there was a smock around my neck with the hairdresser standing behind me, clicking her scissors, and laughing manically.

Here was my hair.
It fell below my beltline.

Sometimes it got caught in the car door.
Sometime I would roll it up in the window.
Sometimes it would get caught in seat backs, pulling long strands from my scalp.

Here is the amputated 12 inches of hair.

I donated it to Locks for Love where they make wigs for people with cancer. Something I hope all of you will do at some point.
After all, it's only hair.

*I say tried because they turned me down, claiming that Laos and Cambodia were at the top of the malaria risk list making me unable to donate for a full year.

You are awesome. That was a wonderful thing to do.
i can almost (not) see the handcuffs and chains they used to hold you down in that picture.
Hey we all went and chopped off our hair... chrisp too. So where is the after photo of you and the new do?
Preston will hate you for letting someone else do it.
I am so proud!
Since they didn't accept your hair send it to me. I'll dye it gray and have it made into extensions. I'm running short on top. UM
They took my hair, it was my blood they denied.
Can I have your hair!?!
I know some street-walking trannys down on W. 38th Street that would love to go blonde!
-Oh, this is Brent, of course!
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