Friday, July 06, 2007

Dear God No!

Quick update regarding my hatred of all things cellular.

Last night I was, yet again, at a bar. This one was of the karaoke persuasion.

Two of my friends went to the mic to sing an interesting rendition of “Bitch.”

Half way through the song one of the girls pulled out her cell phone and began texting.

While still at the mic.

In a crowded bar.

That takes the cake! Think of it this way... at least when we are older they will all be dead of brain cancer or crippled with arthritis from texting too much. It pains me enough to talk, yet along type on a tiny device that I can barely push the buttons on becasue my eyesight is going and my fingers are fatter than the keys.

I love society!
Great story! I totally...wait...someone is texting me...OK I'm back. Right! Great story!
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