Monday, June 11, 2007


The last time I wrote placed me somewhere in Laos.
Now, I am in Cambodia.

The journey from the one country to the other was planned to have had a bus, well, two buses actually. And those busses were to take us for a 22 hour cross countries trip.

22 hours.
In a bus.
With no bathroom.
And possibly chickens,

After bussing it through much of Laos, we looked forward to the following days buss-y-ness and decided we just couldn’t do.

We bought plane tickets instead.

3 hours after hitting the tarmac we were happily in Cambodia.
No chickens required.

Today we decided to hit Ankgor Wat. Which is a huge complex of ancient temples and palaces and trees. It is so large that we will be going back tomorrow to see more.
Bright and early tomorrow.
My traveling buddy is making me get up at 5, so that we can be there at 6, when the sun comes up.

I think she might hate me.

But, for your viewing pleasure I have a few pictures of what we saw today.
Lots of old things.
Very old things.

Keep giving us your Cities as I am trying to track your adventure on a map of Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia. Maybe some pics of you and your friend, too. Are you eating a lot of fish and rice? What kind of food did the Micky Ds have? Have fun and be careful. Have you been concerned about your safety at all?? UM
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