Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"No" written with a big red crayon

Once upon a time, a long long while ago, I told you a cryptic little story about essays and words. Motivation and the lack there of.

Well, I have an update on that subject. It is a sad and disappointing update that tends to paint me in a rather pathetic light.
That long and difficult essay was a qualifying piece for acceptance into the Masters program at the University of London in the UK.

After many days, weeks, and months of waiting on the results of said essay and associated application I, like so many college kids before me, finally tore open that fateful envelope (actually the correspondence was in the form of an email, so I actually clicked that fateful “inbox” button.)
I held my breath, heart beating, a future flashing before my eyes.

Then I read the words, “We are sorry to…”

I didn’t get in.

I always knew that this was a possibility. I always considered this half of the “what if” scenario.
I always have a habit of ignoring the likely and focusing solely on the long shots.

After a few moments starting at those words and several glasses (bottles) of wine I am happily back on the job market. Looking for my next adventure.

I mean, honestly, Grad school? What was I thinking?

School requires thinking and studying and writing papers (we all know how much I hate that.)
Plus, it takes money that I don’t have and an increased of the student loans that I do.

I am better off without that nonsense.

The best part of my non-root having semi-homeless lifestyle I can look at the many jobs in every corner of this globe.
Like Dubai.
Or Estonia.
Or Las Vegas.

On a lighter and more frivolous note, I am now a full week into my couch surfing summer and have already slept on two couches, a leather non-reclining chair, and an actual bed.
So far so good.

For the record, leather is a bad choice for a sleeping apparatus.

well you can get here you'll have a nice comfy futon to sleep on. or the lovesac. and a dog. and a cat. and possibly a bird.
That bird wants to eat my eyeball too! I heard the spirit of Stoner telling the newbie all about the eye eating.
I have no doubt that you will land on your "feet", not on the couch. This may be the end of "a" chapter but, more importantly, is the beginning of a NEW chapter. klm
actually this bird is more interested in tearing out all hair that he can reach. he's an odd one.
but not so into the eyeball thing
I bet he would have a thing for eyebrows too!
yes he does love eyebrows. and nose hair. and even ear hair. so if you have any unsightly facial hairs you want to be rid of, he'll take care of it for you.
Sorry Jody, that bites.
New adventures await though...on the bright side you don't have to go back to Barrow in a few weeks!!
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