Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Slow boats are just like they say in the name.

It was a long journey, much more enjoyable than riding in a cramped bus or a hot train, but it was slow.
The mountians and trees and goats and water was great. I will have pictures of that journey soon.
Two days riding the Mekong.

We didn't sleep on the boat, instead we stayed in the truest tourist trap I have ever seen. It was a tiny village with many guest houses. The entire economy was based on the fact that it was the half way stopping point for the slow boats.

Except for being offered a range of illegal drugs from our waiter and the dog fight that took place for several hours outside my window while I tried to sleep and the confused rooster who started his calls at 2:30 am, there is little to report from that particular point of call.

We are now in Lamprang, Laos.

It is beautiful here and without a doubt the most relaxing and clean place I have been thus far. The streets are wide and are without trash.
The people are nice. They don't speak much English though.

Oh yeah, and it seems Monsoon season just started.
I am still wet from walking in the downpour.

Well, thats all the updating I have the time for.
Soon I will have a bit more and a few pictures.

And all this time I thought the slow boats only went to China! Glad you're having fun!
I reorganized my favorites and mis-placed "the here and now" for a month, but now I'm caught up. You cooking, that is scary. This was the last day of school at AHS and another grad class of 360 kids will be out in the world on their own, seeking adventures, and fun. I think you have set the bar high. How could anyone top you. Keep it up. Love ya. UM
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