Saturday, June 02, 2007

Greetings from the Thai/Loas border.

I just spent 5 hours on a crowded van traveling up to the picturesque edge. To the place where the Mekong river divides the two countries.

Tonight I will be staying in a "quaint" guest house and tomorrow will be boarding a slow boat down the Mekong and into the heart of Loas.
My guest house is interesting.
There are several small lizards living under my bed.

The toilet, though fairly normal at first glance, does not flush. Requiring instead that you ladle water from a bin of questionable cleanlieness.

Good times.

It's actually a better bathroom than some I have seen, one day I'll tell you the story of the train station.
Let's just say there was a hole in the ground, no tissue, and a very wet door handle.

With that heart-warming tale I will leave you to your own thoughts of bathroom fun.

Just remember that the next few days may find me far from a computer, being as I will be on a boat and not on land.

Wish me pleasant lizards, like those from a happy fariy tale and not the kind that eat your toes whilst you are sleeping.

Happy sailing! Watch out for bed bugs :-)
will look forward to the sailing story there is a book in there somewhere what does one eat on a slow boat mom
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