Monday, June 25, 2007


Why is it that now, in the “real world” I have found it near impossible to find internet access.
In Alaska nearly every nook and cranny is wired for the net.
In Asia there is an internet café on almost every street corner.

Airports are littered with wireless.

And yet, here, when I have finally settled down a bit I have had to drive all over the bloody city just to check my email.
That might also have something to do with my homelessness.

Cars are strangely not suited for the installation of an internet service.

Anyway, I have little to actually post at this moment. I am in the process of compiling the “best of Asia” pictures to put up soon-ish. Plus there will likely be a second edition to my report of couch surfing in the modern age.

Our public library has free wireless.

It's a place to start. :D
so what city harbors your spirit right now? it should be boston. not that i have any time between my three jobs to have a guest, but i can pretend! are you going to london, if so when? i have a cincy boy coming to see me in august and possibly my parents will bring me a car at the beginning of september, woot. sorry i ran away from my computer the other night, i am insanely sick and had to have soup in the 85 degree weather right away. yes i am a lamer :(
Libraries are spooky. I love books, but something about that many old and battered books, looming on the shelves kinda gives me the wiggins.

My spirit is harbored by no city! I am not chained down to any specific locale. Once I have a more defined future I will see about planning a trip to Boston.
I am an expert on sleeping in the strangest conditions.
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