Saturday, May 19, 2007

Updating my life

Alrighty, lets play a fun little game of “where am I now”!

Who has a thought?

Is it Alaska?
Am I stranded in yet another airport?
Could I be frolicking in a meadow in the Midwest somewhere?

Any of these guesses would be logical and completely incorrect.

I am, instead, in the shiny happy state of Florida. Soaking up the sun, lying poolside, and enjoying the exciting pavement that seems to be everywhere. (Pavement rocks).

The next few days might be lacking in posts due to my mother. She has the bad habit of dragging me away from my computer very often for long periods of time.
And those who know me well, know that that is a difficult feat to accomplish.

If you are looking forward to the day I leave Florida, thinking longingly of an onslaught of stories and posts.
You might be, once again, disappointed.

As of this coming Wednesday I will be backpacking across Southeast Asia with a fellow teacher. I will post pictures and what not as often as possible.

So, please try not to hate me for my non-prolific nature as of late.
And do keep in mind that in just a few days I might be riding an elephant!

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