Thursday, May 24, 2007

So very close.

Hello all! I am currently sitting in Tokyo, waiting for yet another flight.

Amazingly, I survived the 13 hour transit to this side of the world with only a sore arse. It has been a long day. And I still have another 5 hour flight ahead of me.
Pity this poor girl.

Tokyo, from what I can see out the airport windows, is a nifty place. Very few people speak English.
I am going to have to go an entire month without ease dropping on a single conversation.

Now, normally when I am hopping from one airport to the next, flying high in tiny tubes of pain and suffering, I have a habit of bitching about all the bad. This time I have good things to say.

Air Canada rocks.

Thats right, Air Canada, the airline that has brought me across an ocean or two, totally rocks.

They were nice, clean, gave me and my travel buddy exit row seats the entire journey, and even provided tasty free food.
Freaking exit row! Lots of leg room! Even room to dance if I wanted to!

Every meal (there were three!) was accompanied by chop sticks. Including the cup of Top Shelve Ramen Noodles.
Good stuff.

So, now I sit. Waiting to get where I am going.
Waiting to see the world from a vantage point that does not include the frame of airline windows.

(I have a picture of the toilet here in Tokyo. It comes complete with a volume control for the flushing sound. I'll post it soon.)

The highlight of the inflight dining was ramen? You're a strange one.
super start i love exit rows too!!!be careful out there guess who
dude! Ramen kicks tushy!
It was a big cup and it rocked my world
Guessing = Bad.

My guess is, Johnny Depp.
(Please please please say yes!)
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