Sunday, May 20, 2007


8 hours in a car.
8 hours driving north, and a little west.
8 hours with punch buggy red, are we there yet, I need a napkin, spilled my ice cream, a suitcase just fell on me, good times.

8 hours with two kids (not mine) and a fierce driving friend.

The consumption of junk food and sugar was at epic proportions. McDonalds, Dairy Queen, numerous gas station candy stops, and big gulps a plenty.

I feel a diabetic coma coming on any second.

Anyway, I sit on the passenger side, feet up on the dash, attempting, in vain, to shield my eyes from an ever-moving sunlight. Damn sunlight, always in my way. I missed it very much when it was gone from my sites, but now that it’s back it seems to be taking extra precautions to make its presence really felt.

Damn sun.

Damn driving.

Damn road trips.

Damn the multiple hours of sitting in a car directly proceeding many more hours of sitting in a plane. This week will be tough on my tush.

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