Friday, May 25, 2007

One night, the musical

Guess what!
I made it to Bangkok!

I know, you were all questioning whether I would make it.

So, remember that old song, "One Night in Bangkok"?
Well, through this first day we sang that song over and over again. Sometimes with the correct words. Sometimes with vastly different.

Here are a few renditions.

Please keep the tun in mind.

One Night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster. (That would be the correct way.)

One Night in Bangkok and you sweat your ass off. (This is a direct reference to the hotel and it's broken AC)

One Night in Bangkok and you see some Buddhas. (We have seen two so far. We prayed at the Lucky Buddha, after being taught how by a very nice man, who for lack of a better word, was the curator of the Wat. Then we saw the standing Buddha and damn is it tall.)

One Night in Bangkok and you walk for miles. (No explanation necessary.)

One Night in Bangkok and you buy a wallet. (It is made of stingray. I named it Steve.)

One Night in Bangkok and you sing stupid songs. (But for me, that is pretty much a given.)

Oh, and tomorrow we will be heading north to Chang Mai. This is a slightly different trip than we had planed but forces out of our control are pulling. (Mostly that of the jungle and pretty elephants. Plus that silly little possible coup. )

Until I internet again.

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