Thursday, May 31, 2007

I currently have little time to narrate the extent of my jungle trip. It was a good time and a painful one.

With each stressful step up the steep mountain side I was focibly reminded of every afternoon that I choose to go home and take a nap rather than work out.
Every muscle hurts.

Sweat penetrated every stich of clothing I wore.

At night we slept on bamboo. There are bruises on my backside from the hard.
Then there is the matter of the poisonious snake discovered under my travel buddy's bed.

On the upside, there were water falls and birds chirping. Plant life was everywhere.
Flowers and leafs and trees and tall grass.
Lots of green.
I didn't even sneeze once!

There was also a few elephants. We rode on them through a bit of the jungle.
They are very tall. We swayed with every step. At one point the elephant (whom we named Elie) tried to have a seat.
We were on the brink of falling off before Elie decided she would stay standing.

I have pictures of everthing which I will post soon.
There are rice patties.
And chickens.
And snakes.

Probably tomorrow.

Also tomorrow is something that most of you will not believe. I will take on my most challening task yet.
Something crazy.
Something near impossible.
Something that could easily lead to bodily injury. Possibly death.

I am going to take a Thai cooking class.
I will be near a stove with sharp knives in hand learning how to cook.

Wish me luck!
And wish for bandaids!

welcome back from the jungle can't wait to see the pictures!!!!
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