Sunday, May 27, 2007

Greetings from Ayutthana, Thailand.
We hopped a train in Bangkok and rode the rails.
This is a little town with a lot of history. They call it the ancient city and it is the home to many a Buddha.

Like, lots.

Big Buddhas.
Little Buddhas.

Old Buddhas.
New Buddhas.

Colored and gold Buddhas.
Dark and stone Buddhas.

Buddhas standing very tall and whole.
Buddhas laying crumpled in pieces.

Buddhas, Buddhas everywhere!

We took a boat ride to see more Buddhas. I little long boat that took us around the city and stopped at several different sites.

I have many pictures of all the Buddhas. Even the one in the tree.
But, as your luck would have it, I am currently using another computer and have no way to upload my plethora of pics.
Maybe tomorrow.

What I have found odd about much of our trip thus far is the suprisingly low number of tourists. There have been no lines at the neat places to see.
We were one of very few boats on the river.
Crowds of people have not gotten in the line of my pictures.

I mean, I know that Thailand is a little off the beaten track, but somehow I expected more in the way of tourist nonsence.
I guess we are just that much cooler than we thought we were.

Speaking of cool.
This place is anything but.

It's hot.
Very hot.

I know I have mentioned it before in passing, but damn.
I have sweat dripping down my back.
And legs.
And nose.
And between my toes.
And, well, the sweat is other places too, but I am far to polite to go into it.

Use your imagination, you'll figure it out.

Later this evening we are taking a sleeper train north to Chang Mai where we will go on a three day jungle trek.

Maybe I will see the face of the Buddha in a mango...

i use to think the cell phone was one of the top inventions for moms but blogs are right up there looking forward to the jungle trip be careful out there mom
I read somewhere on the Internets that the HOT season is from march to june: . good luck. and drink lots of non-toxic water if they have any.
hey jodyfull,
what did you expect expecialy coming from where you are coming.
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