Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sweating to the words of a different beat.

I greatly apologize for my recent disappearing act.
It wasn’t an act exactly, I really did disappear. There was a cloak and everything.

31 more minutes.

Plus, I had the pain and suffering of standardized testing for much of last week.

Immediately followed by locking myself in my apartment for the entire weekend in order to type my freaking essay. As unbelievable as it seems, I think I might have actually finished my essay.
That’s right boys and girls, I am so close to completing it I can almost taste the envelope glue. And it sure does taste good.

As soon as I mail that sucker off I will give you full details on the purpose of such a tortuously traumatic piece of literary tribulation. Just a few more days of suspense.

22 more minutes.

All and all, time for writing in a non-essay related manner has been rather limited.
In fact, it is still limited. Severely limited.
So limited that I have been forced to multitask in the strangest ways.

Currently, I am typing from the cushy seat of an exercise bicycle. The wide high-tech control panel on my bike is the perfect height and width to perch a laptop computer and type while peddling.

13 more minutes.

It is a beautiful feeling.
Attempting to write an absorbingly interesting post while sweating profusely from every square inch of my body.

Peddle peddle peddle.
My arse is sore.

7 more minutes.

Breathing is becoming more difficult!
Excuse me for a moment while I engage in a stimulating heart attack.

2.5 more minutes.

Back from the attack, those defibrillators sure do tickle.

Beep Beep Beep Beep!
It’s over!

My sweaty self is going to home to die.

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