Saturday, April 14, 2007

Shopping for bankruptcy

I have had some recent complaints about a lack of pictures. I, therefore, made a concerted effort to take my shiny new camera out for the day and take a few shots.

The sun is out for extended hours now and the temperature is rising above the zero mark on a fairly regular basis. The time for good photographs has finally arrived.
I pulled on my trusty winter coat, stuffed some memory cards in my pocket, and headed out on the town.

Or at least out on the village.

Wandering on the beach, camera in hand, snapping all sorts of shots, I realized something depressing. There is nothing to take pictures of.
Sure the sun is shining, illuminating all the interesting Arctic-like things.
Large expanses of white.
Nothing but white.

Snow covers everything. The ocean is a snow-covered sheet of ice. Mounds and mounds of nothing but white-y whiteness.

I kept wandering. Looking fruitlessly for amazing pictures.

I found the one. The image that shows better than everything else what it is to live in the Arctic Circle.

The AC store.
The only grocery store in town.
Wonderful things.

Reddi Whip. One of the most expensive items in the dairy isle.
Who would have thought?

It makes ice cream sundays all the more exciting.
And Whip-its suddenly become a designer drug.

More cheese please.
I love chedder. But I dislike the need to take out a bank loan to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

(If you are having a bit of trouble reading the prices on this picture, I will give you some assistance. The amounts range from $12.00 to $26.00. Yum!)

This would be the impulse isle of the grocery store. I can't tell you how many times I have run in the store for a gallon of milk and ended up with a Glock Nine and a carton of amunition.

Thanks for the humorous reminders and dearly appreciated photos! It's been a while since I've been in AK, so I'm enjoying your blog and I've added it to my site. Keep blogging!
Bush Alaska is like no other place.
Thanks for checking out my site!
Wow what village is that? Aniak?
This particular AC is in less of a village and more of a small town.
Barrow, Alaska.
Ahhh the metropolis of the Bush! Ive been there several times for work...Have fun on your adventures!
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