Sunday, March 11, 2007


The back pocket of my jeans is home to a plethora of objects.
On any given day there are a number of things residing close to my tushy.
Wayward homework assignments, tardy slips, pens, sharpened pencils, phone cards, lunch tickets, and, on the rare occasion, money, all finds solace in my jeans.

On this particular day all of the above were right behind me. Suddenly, I was approached with a need to retrieve one the many items from those endless depths.
Particularly the money part.

I reached in, and with a determined motion, yanking out the required paper. Unfortunately, this motion caused a problem. The much needed 10 dollar bill was wrapped around a Bic pen. My quick “grasp and pull” sliced the bill directly down the center.


Now comes the fixing.

I have a lack of tape. Nowhere in my apartment, nowhere in this duct-tape worshiping home was a sticky slice of adhesive.

But the money! I desperately needed the money!

So, I did the next best thing.

Wish me luck with the spending!

Looks like a counterfeit to me. UM
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